Welcome to my personal website. My name is Lukas and I am hobbyist modeller. I want present to You my works. Have fun and WELCOME!

For laptops, notebooks and other mobile computers, I recommend to watch the website FULL-SCREEN mode - press F11 on keypad.

Please enter my gallery. In the gallery You will find photos of my models and reports from building the models. I hope you will like them.

Notice. Because I am trying to present my works not only to Polish modellers. I have decided to write all informations on my website in English. Please forgive me for any language errors. I had a long break in using the English language (from 2005 to 2012).

  Notice. All information published on my website are my private thoughts, insights, ideas. I did not support the content by any reaserches. Unless this has been noticed / indicated in the concrete part of the content. Researches were not been carried out on animals (especially on domestic cats).

All information contained on this site are based on knowledge acquired from many sources, like literature, the Internet or other media, but also from the experience obtained from knowledge other than modeling. On the website, I have tried to post all informations and experience I have gained in modeling.

If you want to help me post on the website something interesting, please write to me. I will read it, I will check it, and I will post it on my website with notification about the author.